Male Infertility

As a man, your fertility concerns are unique and require the expertise of a specialist urologist, like John Bertini, MD and Travis Green, MD. Dr. Bertini and Dr. Green at Gulf Coast Urology in Houston and Nassau Bay, Texas, offer comprehensive care for male infertility that includes on-site diagnostic testing and customized treatments. Learn more about the available male infertility services today by calling the Gulf Coast Urology office nearest you or by requesting an appointment online now. We care for patients throughout Houston, Clear Lake, Webster, League City, Friendswood, and Southeast Houston.

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What causes male infertility?

Male infertility can be the result of underlying health issues, lifestyle habits, and dysfunction in the reproductive system.  Some of the most common causes of male infertility include:

  • Obesity
  • Injuries
  • Blockages
  • Low sperm count
  • Poor sperm function
  • Chronic health issues

You can also experience male infertility if you have a hormone imbalance or because of environmental stress, drug or alcohol use, or depression.

When should I seek treatment for male infertility?

The earliest indication that you may have issues that affect your fertility is not being able to conceive a child, even when having unprotected sex for a year or longer. You may also experience difficulties with your sexual function, such as issues ejaculating or maintaining a healthy erection.

You should also schedule a diagnostic evaluation with Dr. Bertini at Gulf Coast Urology if you have symptoms like:

  • Pelvic pain
  • Low sex drive
  • Visible lump in the testicles

Gulf Coast Urology offers comprehensive evaluations of your medical history and physical health to pinpoint the cause of your infertility issues.

How is male infertility diagnosed?

Ideally, couples experiencing difficulties conceiving a pregnancy should both be evaluated to determine the root cause of the fertility issues.

Dr. Bertini offers comprehensive diagnostic testing for men that aims to identify male-related infertility issues. During your evaluation, he may order a semen analysis that tests the quality of your sperm and their movement. This test can also identify infections that may interfere with fertility. You may also need blood work to evaluate your hormone levels.

Imaging tests, like an ultrasound, may be useful for identifying blockages or other issues that affect your scrotum, testicles, or penis.

How is male infertility treated?

Treatment for male infertility is based on the cause of your issues. Dr. Bertini reviews your diagnostic results and creates a treatment plan that focuses on your needs and your ability to conceive a child with your partner.

If you have an existing infection, you may need antibiotics to clear it. When existing health conditions are affecting your fertility, Dr. Bertini can recommend resources to help you get in control of your health and ensure you are receiving the right treatment for conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure.

If you have an obstruction that prevents sperm from traveling to the egg, you may need surgery to remove the blockage and repair any areas of damage.

Gulf Coast Urology also offers comprehensive in-office treatments for hormone imbalances, erectile dysfunction, and low sex drive.

To learn more about treating male infertility, schedule a consultation at Gulf Coast Urology today or by requesting an appointment online now.

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