Evaluation of Kidney Mass

Dr. Grant Redrow is fellowship trained in robotic surgery to remove kidney masses, tumors, and cysts.  Please call to schedule a consultation to discuss your options if you have been diagnosed with a kidney mass or tumor.

If you have unexplained kidney pain or a recent screening revealed a kidney mass, Gulf Coast Urology offers comprehensive, on-site evaluations. At offices in Houston and Nassau Bay, Texas, John Bertini, MD, James Harris, MD, Grant Redrow, MD, and Travis Green, MD use the latest diagnostic techniques, including minimally invasive biopsies, to accurately identify the mass. They also customize treatment to address the kidney mass and protect your overall health. Schedule a diagnostic consultation online or call the Gulf Coast Urology office nearest you today. We care for patients throughout Houston, Clear Lake, Webster, League City, Friendswood, and Southeast Houston.

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What is a kidney mass?

Abnormal growths in your kidney may be the result of several types of underlying medical conditions, including cancer. In many cases, a kidney mass is only discovered after diagnostic testing for unexplained symptoms or other health issues. You may also develop symptoms that require an evaluation of your kidney health.

If a routine or diagnostic screening reveals a mass, the Gulf Coast Urology team offers on-site services to accurately evaluate the mass as quickly as possible.

What are the common types of kidney masses?

Classification of kidney masses, or tumors, depends on their location and their growth potential. Generally, kidney masses may be:

Benign renal tumors

Benign renal tumors are noncancerous growths that remain in the kidneys and don’t spread to other areas of the body.

Renal cell carcinomas

Renal cell carcinomas are a common type of malignant or cancerous tumor in the kidney. These tumors usually grow on the lining of the tubes that lead to the kidneys.

What are the symptoms of a kidney mass?

Many people have kidney masses without showing any symptoms. However, depending on the location or size of the mass, you may experience symptoms like:


  • Blood in the urine
  • Persistent low back pain
  • Pain near the ribs and hips

You may also experience changes in your weight and a loss of appetite.

Because all of these symptoms can relate to a number of other health conditions, it’s important that you schedule a diagnostic evaluation at Gulf Coast Urology as soon as possible.

How is a kidney mass evaluated?

The Gulf Coast Urology team initially performs a physical exam and may request blood work or urinalysis to identify underlying infections that may be contributing to your symptoms.

Imaging tests, like an MRI or CT scan, can help your provider gain a better understanding of the structure and location of the kidney mass. If the abnormal growth appears suspicious, your Gulf Coast Urology provider may recommend a biopsy.

During a minimally invasive surgical biopsy procedure, your Gulf Coast Urology provider removes a sample of the mass for further analysis in a medical lab. This testing can determine what the growth is and if it’s cancerous.

What treatments are available for a kidney mass?

The team at Gulf Coast Urology offers several treatments for a kidney mass, depending on your diagnosis.

If the mass is cancerous or grows large enough to affect the function of the kidney, you may need a nephrectomy. This surgical procedure removes affected parts or all of the kidney to eliminate cancer or another disease.

This type of surgery is minimally invasive and is possible through laparoscopy, which requires only small incisions to remove the kidney. You can expect to heal faster with laparoscopic surgery, and it greatly reduces your risk for bleeding and infections.

To schedule an evaluation of a kidney mass, call the Gulf Coast Urology office nearest you today or request a consultation online now.

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