What Can I Do About Erectile Dysfunction?

It’s easy to feel isolated and alone when you’re living with erectile dysfunction (ED). But, ED is a common problem affecting more than 50% of men in the United States, to varying degrees. And, experiencing issues with ED is also closely correlated with age. For example, 40% of men struggle with symptoms at 40, and 70% face them by 70.

Why list all of these statistics? Because ED isn’t rare. The medical world has taken notice, and we can offer a variety of solutions.

At Gulf Coast Urology in Houston and Nassau Bay, Texas, we offer men solutions to a host of urological problems, like urinary incontinence and prostate issues, and we specialize in men’s reproductive health issues, including ED.

So, take heart if you’re struggling with erectile dysfunction. There are several simple and noninvasive treatment options available to restore your vitality.

Understanding erectile dysfunction

ED describes the inability to get or maintain an erection long enough for sexual intercourse. While it may seem that an erection is easy enough to achieve from a mechanical aspect, there’s a lot involved in the process. 

When you get an erection, it actually starts in your brain. This triggers several physiological processes enabling blood flow into your penis, which creates the erection. That means any disruption between your brain — whether emotional, mental, or physical — and your penis can interfere with the process. 

At Gulf Coast Urology, we often address emotional or mental causes of ED with counseling. But, if your erectile dysfunction stems from physical issues, our solutions are more targeted.

Finding relief with medication

For most men, ED increases with age, largely because of circulatory problems. If your blood vessels are sluggish due to buildup over the years, it can keep your penis from getting the blood supply needed for an erection.

One treatment option to address this issue involves a medication that improves blood flow into your penis. These pills, taken orally, contain nitric oxide. Nitric oxide relaxes the muscles in your penis, which allows your blood to circulate more effectively. 

We also like to tackle circulatory issues causing ED with lifestyle changes focused on helping your overall vascular health. This often includes making adjustments to your diet and exercise program.

How hormone therapy can help

If you have low testosterone levels triggering your ED, we might recommend hormone replacement therapy to improve your sexual health. That’s because your testosterone directly controls your libido. When those levels are low, your libido can grow quiet. 

Low testosterone levels can trigger a variety of issues beyond ED, so hormone therapy can address all of them at once.

When to consider pumps and implants

If your ED doesn’t respond to medications or hormone therapy, we might suggest a pump that you use before having intercourse. This device helps draw blood into your penis, and you control it either by hand or with batteries.

For more permanent solutions, we can discuss penile implants with you. We surgically place these devices inside your penis. This design provides an on-demand pump located in your scrotum.

With our whole-body approach to addressing ED, you can rest assured we’ll find a solution for both your symptoms and the issues behind them. The bottom line is that we work with you until we find a satisfactory solution. Simply contact us by calling at our office in Houston or Nassau Bay, Texas, or by booking an appointment online today.

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