5 Reasons to Consider a Vasectomy

Believe it or not, a vasectomy is one of the best surgical procedures you can choose when it comes to your sex life. This procedure seals both tubes in your scrotum so that your sperm and semen cannot mix together. As a result, you can never fertilize a female egg.

At Gulf Coast Urology, Dr. John E. Bertini and Dr. James Harris have experience in performing hundreds of these outpatient procedures every year. Vasectomies require no hospital time and you’re in and out of the office the same day.

The decision to get a vasectomy is extremely personal. You should, of course, discuss the procedure with your spouse or partner. Consider the following reasons why it may just be the right pregnancy prevention for you.

Vasectomies are effective

Vasectomies almost never fail. In fact, the rate of failure in a non-scalpel vasectomy is a confident 0.01%. The only method more reliable is total abstinence.

In the first weeks following your vasectomy, use an additional form of birth control. Don’t rely completely on the vasectomy until you’ve returned to Gulf Coast Urology and your semen has been tested to ensure it no longer contains any sperm.

Once you’ve been tested and cleared, you’ll never need any other birth control. You and your partner may feel more confident and free as a result.

The procedure is minimally invasive

A vasectomy sounds somewhat intimidating, but the procedure is simple. After Dr. Bertini or Dr. Harris applies a topical anesthetic to your scrotum, they make one small hole in your scrotum to access your tubes. On each one, they make a clean cut and cauterize it.

The procedure uses no stitches and your risk for infection is extremely low. You also experience no bruising and can resume your regular activities quickly.

A vasectomy saves you money

Think about how much regular birth control, such as the pill, an IUD, or over-the-counter condoms, cost over time. When you weigh these costs, a no-scalpel vasectomy is the clear winner. Vasectomies are often partially or fully covered by insurance, too. Talk to the staff at Gulf Coast Urology about payment details.

You still have a vibrant sex life

Your penis isn’t affected at all during a vasectomy. The procedure only involves the tubes that

transport the semen, which your body still makes, but doesn’t include in your ejaculate.

You’ll still produce plenty of testosterone, so you feel manly. You can also still have firm, hard erections and may even feel more confident in the bedroom because you won’t be concerned about pregnancy.

Recovery from vasectomy is short

You’ll only need to rest completely for about 24 hours post procedure. It’s then recommended that you take it easy for a few days. The recovery is quick; your normal work and schedules resume within a couple of days. You can have sex again in about one week.

If you’re ready to learn more about a vasectomy and if it is right for you, call Gulf Coast Urology or schedule a consultation using this website. 

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