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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Gulf Coast Urology

Urologists located in Houston, TX & Nassau Bay, TX

Optimization testing/treatments available for the following:

Men: Testosterone (injections, pellets, cream), Thyroid, Growth Hormone, Adrenals, Melatonin

Women: Estrogen/Progesterone, Testosterone (pellets, cream), Thyroid, Adrenals, Melatonin


Longevity Medicine Studies Available:

- Body Composition Testing with DEXA Scan

- ApoE genotyping

- Metabolic and complex lipid panels

- Sleep Studies

Hormone Checks and Optimization for Men and Women

Please make an appointment for an in-depth discussion and testing to evaluate your hormones.  You may have had testing in the past and been told your levels were "normal", but that doesn't mean your hormones are at optimal levels to preserve health. 

Longevity medicine is available to you today at Gulf Coast Urology. At its core is ensuring ones hormones, key factors in the aging process, are at the best possible levels.

What we offer

Conditions Treated & Procedures